Wasi, (which in Quechua language means “home” as a protected and safe place) is a project carried out byASCS at our office in Italy: in Milan it was implemented thanks to the collaboration with the Parish of Santo Stefano Maggiore and Chiesa del Carmine and with the contribution of the CEI-Italian Episcopal Conference and the Regione Lombardia; in Rome, on the other hand, the project was carried out with the contribution of the Haiku Lugano Foundation.
Wasi aims to offer a space for listening, discussion and for migrant women in Milan to share experiences among themselves and help them overcome the traumas deriving from the migration process. The service is offered freeof charge in Spanish, Filipino, Ukrainian, Portugueseand Russianby native-speaking psychologists.
Women interested can contact us from Monday to Friday, 10.00AM – 12.30PM and 02PM – 05PM.

Milan: Spanish, Ukranian, Russian, Portuguese and Filipino: +39 351 687 4011
Rome: Spanish and Portuguese: +39 351 735 8406

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