The Facade

The terracotta facade was constructed in 1880 according to a design by Carlo Maciachini and can be considered to be a masterpiece of Neo-Gothic Lombard art.

It features a terracotta blind rose window and five small steeples, each containing a statue and all in terracotta, situated on the high points of the facade itself.

The portal is embrasured, with a pointed arch over it, and is decorated with a series of small, square panels with geometric and floral motifs. In the lunette above the portal, there is a mosaic of the Madonna enthroned between St. Simon Stock and an angel. On either side of the portal, two panels depict the Annunciation: to the right, the Virgin Mary, hearing the message, and to the left, the Archangel delivering it. The two panels date to the 17th. century and were part of the previous portal made by the Milanese architect, Francesco Richini.

The two lateral doors, surmounted by smaller terracotta, blind rose windows, were constructed at the same time as the facade. The mosaics in the lunettes are recent and replaced two paintings, deteriorated over time, depicting St. Cyril and St. Angelo.