The Left-Hand Nave

The Crucified Christ and Our Lady of Sorrows
The painting dates to the third decade of the 17th. century and has been attributed to Saletta, a Milanese artist. It portrays an imposing crucified Christ with Our Lady embracing the Cross. The background is a stormy sky with vague architectonic details.

The Monument to Eugenio Gonfalonieri
This person is commemorated above all for his generosity to the poor and to Carmine church. The Neo-Classical work, dating to 1844, has been attributed to a local workshop. The word PAX (PEACE)is written on the base. Inside an arch, resting on two corinthian pilasters decorated with vegetal patterns, there is the commemorative inscription of the deceased. A bas relief in the lunette shows a guardian angel accompanying the soul of the deceased into Heaven. The upper cornice, decorated as well with geometric patterns, is completed with a pediment holding a cross.

Display Case for Wedding Banns
It was made of carved wood at the beginning of the 1900s.