The Manifesto dell’Abitare together with the Chiesa del Carmine and in collaboration with the Censeo Group, are organising a moment of reflection at the beginning of the Design Week with the spotlight focused on the Common Home (planet earth, the city, the neighbourhood, the parish, the family, etc.) as a place to build, weave and nurture quality relationships…

One of many possible questions guides us: What kind of ways and lifestyles can be implemented to inhabit and experience the common home as a place where 360-degree constructive relationships are developed, nourished and grown?

Monday 15 April, 7.00 pm
Chiesa del Carmine
Piazza del Carmine 2 – Milano


Monsignor Franco Agnesi, Vicar General of the diocese of Milan, will answer the question: In light of the encyclical letter of Pope Francis Fratelli tutti & the Apostolic Exhortation Laudate Deum, what are the main practical indications, for Christians and for people of good will, for living and inhabiting the “common home” (planet earth, the city, the neighborhood, the parish, the family, etc.) as a place of good, beautiful and just relationships?

Agr. Vittorio Peretto, landscape designer and founder of Hortensia, will bring his vision of eco-gardens, responsible spaces that we share with Nature, where constant commitment is aimed at doing better with less. An ethic that establishes simplicity of means and richness of ends enters the garden.

Don Claudio M. Berardi, theologian and President of I.D.S.C. of Asti, will talk about the Oxygenmap project, financed by the Piedmont Region through the European funds of the PSR Measure 16.1 (Rural Development Programme), for eco-sustainable management with related ecosystem services and to map the woods belonging to ecclesiastical bodies in Piedmont. The commentary on the biblical text of the blind man of Bethzaida (Mk 8,22.26) will complete the intervention by highlighting the path of ophthalmic healing, overcoming the myopia of “seeing people as walking trees”: a spiritual path that from the village crosses the woods, metaphor of the soul on the move.

Arch. Lorena Alessio, founder of LAA-Lorena Alessio Architetti, full professor of Architectural and Urban Design at Feng Chia University in Taiwan, will present the project she has created: the installation built at the Chiesa del Carmine concomitantly with the Salone del Mobile 2024; an essence of the more complex project of the Hermitage of Silence. The project is characterized by technological innovation, sustainability and a strong connection with nature; it invites concentration, meditation and reposition of oneself.

Moderator: Padre René Manenti

Music by Alessandro Cotroneo

At the end, a convivial moment prepared by the Oklahoma Community.

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