The Chapel of the Crucifix

The chapel dates to 1600 and was originally dedicated to St. Albert and then,St. John of the Cross;it was restructured in the 19th.century in Neo-Classical style by the sculptor Gaetano Monti.who carved the funerary monument of the Barbo` spouses in the right-hand transept of the church.

Above the Neo-Classical style altar table,there is a painted,carved,wooden crucifix,an exquisitely crafted work dating to the first half of 1600 by the sculptor Giuseppe Arrigoni who also carved the painted,wooden statues of Mary(to the left) and St.John (to the right) on the altar table.

The frescoes on the cross vault,now in poor condition,were painted by Rocco Soldati and date to the third decade of 1600.

The two oval paintings on the side walls were placed there during refurbishing in the 1800s and show St. Ignatius of Loyola on the left,and, on the right,St. Francis receiving the Stigmata.They were painted by an unknown Lombard artist in the 19th.century and have mostly devotional importance.

The brocatello-marble balustrade was created by Marco Barbero and Bernardino Pozzi and also dates to the third decade of 1600.The wrought-iron double-wing gate and hanging lamps with the Carmelite emblem are noteworthy works of Lombard craftsmanship dating to the beginning of 1800.