Right-Hand Transept

Fragment of the Funerary Stone Coffin of Angelo Simonetta
Angelo Simonetta, Ducal Counsellor at the time of the Sforzas, was one of the main benefactors of the reconstruction of the church where he was entombed upon his death in 1472. His crest can be seen on the keystones of the bays. In 1457, he commissioned the building of the chapel of the Annunciation, no longer extant, where he had his funeral monument constructed
The fragment of the monument still present on the wall of the transept consists of a rectangular base with a triangle above it; the statue of Simonetta in military dress, with a shield bearing the Della Scala family crest, is on the apex.
The part below is divided into three sections; the two side panels are chiselled while the central one portrays a Lombard-school Pieta’ of the period.

The Resurrection of Lazzarus
The painting, signed and dated 1618, is the work of Giovan Mauro della Rovere, known as Fiammenghino, an artist working in Milan at the end of the 16th. and beginning of the 17th. centuries. The foreground shows Jesus, Lazzarus and those helping him to come out of the tomb as well as the tools used for opening it. Martha and Mary, his sisters, are looking towards Christ in devotion. The painting is completed with a crowd of astounded people, huddled together with a garden in the background and glimpse of a colonnade which gives depth to the scene.

Immaculate Mary and Sts. Anthony of Padua, Francis of Assisi, Clare and Cecilia or Barbara
It was painted by the Milanese artist, Carlo Francesco Nuvolone and dates to approx. 1650, with clear influence of the Bologna school of Guido Reni. Our Lady, clad in a simple blue cloak, is holding the Child who is trampling on a dragon while a glimpse of the crescent moon is disappearing into clouds fading into a group of putti. Three of the four saints are easy to identify:St. Anthony of Padua with the Child on his arm, St, Francis with the Stigmata and St. Clare with the monstrance. The saint in the foreground, dressed in pink with a yellow mantle, cannot be identified with certainty-perhaps St. Barbara.

The Funerary Monument of the Barbo’ Spouses
The monument was commissioned by their children, Adalberto Giuseppe and Francesca Barbo’ and entrusted to the Neo-Classical sculptor Gaetano Monti (1776-1847) in 1845. The raised rectangular base has two roundels with the portraits of the deceased in the centre. In the upper part, inside a pointed arch closed by spiral columns on the side and surmounted by a tympanum with an angel on the apex, a Neo-Classical relief portrays Christ, the Redeemer, between Our Lady and St. Charles; they are receiving Francesca Barbo’, presented by her husband while, lower down, a veiled woman is laying flowers on their tomb.